The Pokémon Tag

Seeing as I’ve been playing Pokémon X avidly lately (I purchased the game on it’s release date back in October 2013 and completed it, but a few weeks ago I decided to start a new adventure because I wanted to re-play through the beautiful storyline again ), I decided to participate in the Pokémon blog tag. I absolutely adore the video game series and have grown up with the franchise, everyone who knows me well enough knows how much I love Pokémon! So apologies in advance for the geek-fest.

1: How old were you when you first got into Pokémon?
I first saw an episode of Pokémon on TV when I was around 11 years old. My two brothers got the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue version games, and I wanted to join in the fun so I got Pokémon Yellow. Never looked back since!

2: What is your favorite Pokémon game?
It has to be Pokémon Silver. That game left such a massive impact on me and I would re-play it over and over again because I loved it so much and never wanted it to end. The battle at the end of the game against Red himself gave me goosebumps!

3: What is your favorite Legendary Pokémon?
Suicune, I really loved that he was featured more in the main storyline in Pokémon Crystal.

4: Are you in any other fandoms?
I go through phases and stages haha, but at the moment it’s mainly Pokémon.

5: What is your favorite starter Pokémon?
Chikorita! She’s sassy and adorable at the same time.

6: What is your preferred Pokémon Type?
I’m going to say Dragon, because Dragonite is one of my favourite Pokémon and my Chinese birth year is the year of the Dragon.

7: Do you own any Pokémon collectables?
Tons! I have manga, video games, trading cards, plushies, figurines, lots of random bits and bobs.

8: What is your favorite Pokémon Generation?
Generation 2, aka Pokémon Silver/Gold/Crystal.

9: What is your favourite Eevee Evolution?
Espeon, I always had an Espeon in my team whenever I played Pokémon Silver or Pokémon Crystal.

10: Did you/do you collect Pokémon trading cards?
As mentioned already above, hell yes! I’ve had my card collection since I was around 11 years old.

And finally, I tag… anyone who would like to take part.


  1. CassieNo Gravatar

    quite the love! my boyfriend use to be into poke’mon but now that we are older not so much. sometimes ill catch him watching the cartoons but thats about it =P ive personally never got into it myself. i liked sailor moon, thats the only thing close to it i feel? haha sorry im a goof.

  2. CrystalNo Gravatar

    I think I was about eleven when I got onto Pokemon. I sort of fell out of it as an adult, but my son is getting me interested again. :) Glad you have fun playing the games!

  3. ChelseyNo Gravatar

    Ahhh Pokemon was my entire childhood as well! I was so upset when they swapped out Misty and eventually Brock. I can never get used to all the new Pokemon series now.

    Anyway, Dragonite is one of my favorite Pokemon too, and I completely agree that Generation 2 was the best. ;) I’m glad to see that you’re still into Pokemon! I didn’t know they had a tag for it though … that’s fascinating.

  4. SaraNo Gravatar

    I’m going to summarise my Pokemoness here because I don’t have a normal blog to post it on…:'(

    I honestly can’t remember how I got into Pokemon. I think I was here one summer and my brother and I were watching TV and there was Pokemon. I also loved Pokemon Silver, at this time, Pokemon was in its peak. My favourite legendary Pokemon was always Articuno and Lugia. The one starter Pokemon I really bonded with was Bulbasaur – he was my first-first ever Pokemon. I also like Piplup but I didn’t play that version. I always liked grass and psychic pokemon types; I thought water was the weakest. :( I was mental and had tons of memorabillia; toys, and A LOT of Pokemon cards. I think I have my shiny cards stored somewhere. Either way, I can’t giveany away because I’ve spent too long of my life collecting them LOL. and lastly, my favourite Eevee evolution was Vaporeon, but then Umbreon came along and was super cool like that!

    :D and at one time in year 8, I was seriously obsessed with Doduo. I wasn’t sure why. I had to carry a picture of Doduo around with me to school, just like I was carrying a Pokeball. I wanted a real life Doduo. We would ride into the wild!

  5. LisaNo Gravatar

    Yesss, Pokémon made my childhood! I grew up with the stickers and trading cards, albeit I never learned how to play with them. Generation II is my second home. I had the Crystal version in Japanese, which I did not know, so my days were spent memorising every word. I was over the moon when HeartGold and SoulSilver came out.

    I always chose Cyndaquil as a starter, but Chikorita was a close second. It was a good childhood.

  6. JessicaNo Gravatar

    I’ve never played any of the Pokemon games. :( But I used to watch the show on occasion, and I used to have the cards…but that’s about as far as I ever got into it. Maybe I need to give it another chance, since I have a bit of a longer attention span now. :D

  7. LydiaNo Gravatar

    Oh my gosh, memories! Childhood memories. Pokemon! I never missed an episode when I was young. Was totally addicted. :)

  8. LouiseNo Gravatar

    I find myself becoming interested in Pokemon again lately. If first got into it with Pokemon gold. But what I need right now is a new 3DS…. And maybe someday I’ll try competitive Pokemon battles.

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