On Thursday night I settled down and watched a one-off, real-time thriller called “Cyberbully” starring Maisie Williams. If you are interested in watching this brilliant piece of television for yourself, you can do so here (country-permitting!). Though please be warned that it does contains references of bullying/harassment, depression/anxiety and self-harm which some people may find triggering.

I was gripped from start to finish, as it sadly hit close to home which I am sure it did for a lot of other people. Whether you yourself have been/are a victim of ‘cyberbullying’, know someone who has, or perhaps you or they were/are infact the bully; we can all relate to the devastating effects of online harassment in some way.

We all at some point in our lives say or do stupid things online. Whether it be on forums, games, social networking or simply via messengers, we have all said or done things which we are not exactly proud of or regret. Granted, I myself as a teen have quite a few immature comments or actions under my belt – not deliberately hurtful or spiteful ones, mostly just reactions to certain situations that I could have handled much better.

So I just want to take the time to apologize to anyone who I have encountered who may have been hurt in some way by my past choices. I never go out of my way to intentionally upset anyone, but being British and having quite a dry and sarcastic sense of humour; I realize that not everyone will understand my wit and therefore at some point, I have probably caused offence or annoyance without even realizing. So please know that I do sincerely mean this; I never meant to cause any harm. I detest bullies with every inch of my being, and I would never condone anything I said or did, even unintentionally, which made someone feel ‘attacked’ in any way.

Stick and stones hurt, but so do words. Because even though cuts heal, words are etched. So please take the time to consider your words and actions online towards anyone you encounter. It’s all too easy to get carried away behind the comfort of your keyboard without considering any responsibility or consequences. Please look out for one another online, as sometimes it can be quite an ugly place to roam.

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