I am a person, not my diagnosis.

I currently have to take five different medications for five different health reasons. Granted, my health issues are not the most ‘severe’ and there are people out there battling far worse; but it’s easy to feel a little bummed out or worried about the future when it concerns your well-being – which admittedly, I have been doing lately.

It’s easy to feel like ‘damaged goods’. It’s easy to envy the people who were seemingly blessed with more durable bodies and systems. But I’m guessing those same people have their own flaws or personal struggles they’re dealing with too, whether it be physically or mentally.

So we have to try and keep in mind our diagnosis doesn’t define us. And we most certainly can’t let it stop us living a good, happy life! Take care of yourself, but also allow yourself to live. The worst thing you can possibly do is accept defeat or wallow in the fact you’re not exactly 100% ‘perfect’ – Because let’s be honest, nobody is!

In a way, this is more so a note to myself… or should I say, a subtle kick up the backside! :yuck:

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