The Pokémon Tag

Seeing as I’ve been playing Pokémon X avidly lately (I purchased the game on it’s release date back in October 2013 and completed it, but a few weeks ago I decided to start a new adventure because I wanted to re-play through the beautiful storyline again :love: ), I decided to participate in the Pokémon blog tag. :smile: I absolutely adore the video game series and have grown up with the franchise, everyone who knows me well enough knows how much I love Pokémon! :yuck: So apologies in advance for the geek-fest.

1: How old were you when you first got into Pokémon?
I first saw an episode of Pokémon on TV when I was around 11 years old. My two brothers got the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue version games, and I wanted to join in the fun so I got Pokémon Yellow. Never looked back since! :bigsmile:

2: What is your favorite Pokémon game?
It has to be Pokémon Silver. That game left such a massive impact on me and I would re-play it over and over again because I loved it so much and never wanted it to end. The battle at the end of the game against Red himself gave me goosebumps! :o:

3: What is your favorite Legendary Pokémon?
Suicune, I really loved that he was featured more in the main storyline in Pokémon Crystal. :smile:

4: Are you in any other fandoms?
I go through phases and stages haha, but at the moment it’s mainly Pokémon. :blush:

5: What is your favorite starter Pokémon?
Chikorita! She’s sassy and adorable at the same time. :tongue:

6: What is your preferred Pokémon Type?
I’m going to say Dragon, because Dragonite is one of my favourite Pokémon and my Chinese birth year is the year of the Dragon. :wink:

7: Do you own any Pokémon collectables?
Tons! :yuck: I have manga, video games, trading cards, plushies, figurines, lots of random bits and bobs.

8: What is your favorite Pokémon Generation?
Generation 2, aka Pokémon Silver/Gold/Crystal. :smile:

9: What is your favourite Eevee Evolution?
Espeon, I always had an Espeon in my team whenever I played Pokémon Silver or Pokémon Crystal. :love:

10: Did you/do you collect Pokémon trading cards?
As mentioned already above, hell yes! I’ve had my card collection since I was around 11 years old. :smile:

And finally, I tag… anyone who would like to take part. :bigsmile:

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