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As you can see, my blog has a new layout. :smile: Isn’t it pretty? :love: (And it matches the chibi commission which I recently received! Note the rainbows in her eyes. :wink: )

I purchased this theme from Squeesome Designs. I stumbled upon this small two-person business by complete and utter accident, but I am so glad I did! :smile: This was my first time purchasing a premium theme, as I have always used free themes in the past or designed my own, but sometimes they were a bit ‘overly complicated’ or had ‘too much going on’. I wanted something simple, clean and bright for a change! So whilst browsing Squeesome‘s premade shop, I fell in love with a theme named ‘Zooey’. It caught my eye straight away as it was so pretty. :love:

The designers are extremely friendly, helpful and warm; they made me feel appreciated as a customer and handled everything during the process from installing to tweaking in a professional, efficient manner. Each premade theme is only ever sold once, which means once you purchase a theme it is yours alone – so you can be sure your blog design is exclusive! :bigsmile: This rule alone I thought was fantastic and seperated Squeesome from the many other WordPress design companies out there.

Squeesome also offer a custom WordPress service along with their premades, which means you can order a high-quality personalized theme to specifically suit your personal blog or small business. :smile: Or they can simply design stand-alone logos or graphics, should your needs be smaller! :wink: (If your blog is quite popular, why not check out Squeesome’s Sponsorship Program to be in with a chance of receiving a custom blog design worth over $200? :gasp: )

Kaye and Paul, the owners of Squeesome Designs, pride themselves on providing fun and affordable WordPress themes along with customer service that can not be beat. I highly recommended them to anyone looking to give their blog a special makeover – You will not be disappointed! :smile:

And obviously this goes without saying, but this theme was purchased with my own money and belongs to myself and Squeesome Designs, so please do not redistribute this theme or it’s graphics anywhere else. :shh: If you would like a custom WordPress theme of your own, please visit Squeesome‘s website. :smile:

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